Introduction to MATLAB

Introduction to MATLAB : In this introduction I will talk briefly about the development of Matlab, and Matlab work environment. MATLAB develepod by Mathworks, which was originally created to provide easy access to the data matrix LINPACK dan EISPACK projects. Next MATLAB become an application for matrix computation. MATLAB's application is very wide inlcudes engineering, mathematics, and industrial environments for research, development and productivity analysis.

MATLAB is a high-level programming language that is devoted to technical computing. MATLAB integrates computation, visualization, and programming in the media and in the easy way. Matlab provides interactive system that uses array or matrix concept as a standard component without the need for a declaration as in another programming languages.

It is important for you to know part of the work environment matlab such as matlab main window, launch pad or start, workspace window, current directory window,command history window, command window, and matlab editor.

Matlab Main Window
This window is main window which include all of the work environment matlab. In the previous version, this window specifically integrated with command window. There was no main function of this window beside for dock-ing another form.

matlab main windowMatlab Main Window

Launch Pad Window
This window begin introduced in the matlab version 6, serves to guide users in selecting function and toolbox option in MATLAB. In the version 7, this window is replaced by start button which located in the lower left corner of the desktop. It offers capabilities similar to those in the Launch Pad.
matlab workspace windowStart button

Workspace Window

This window is also begin introduced in the version 6. Its function is as user navigation in knowing information about active variables in the workspace at the time. Workspace is an abstract environment that keeps all variables and commands that ever used during Matlab is running.
Workspace Window

Current Directory Window
This window also is introduced in version 6. Its function is as active directory browser that it seems like windows explorer.

matlab current directory windowCurrent Directory Window

Command History Window
This window serves to keep the commands used in the workspace. It is also begin introduced in version 6
matlab command historyCommand History Window

Command window
This window serves as recipient of a user command to perform all the functions offered by MATLAB. Basically this window is a main component in MATLAB programming that become the only main medium for users to interact with MATLAB.

matlab command windowCommand window

Matlab editor
Its function is to make matlab program script. Although program script can be made by program editor like notepad, wordpad, word etc., It still adviced to use Matlab editor because its ability to detect error syntac typing. You can call this window by typing 'edit' in the prompt matlab or clicking the create new icon

matlab editorMatlab editor


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